Smoky Mountain sunshine is well known for bringing out the creativity in East Tennessee. I was raised in Knoxville, TN & have been inspired by the beauty of the region my entire life. Mountain stories inspire & are the heritage to the people of Appalachia. Some of the things I create are based on truth...others are mixed with tales and superstition. My writing has been recorded by the late Kent Bilbrey, Terry Phillips, Outlaw Willie Franklin, Gene Blair, Jeff S Jones, Eric Butterfield, Emily Evans and Douglas Haines.   I am so thankful to my parents, who showed me from a early age the importance of our heritage & who encouraged my poetry. I am also blessed with many wonderful friends who encourage me and are a part of my 'Sutton Aquarius' world. I consider myself to be richly blessed to have had Kent Bilbrey record and arrange so much of my writing.  Sadly, he passed away on May 2nd, 2015. He leaves a legacy behind and deserves much respect for his musical contributions in East Tennessee and around the world. 

Thank you for reading this and listening to the music. I would love to hear from anyone out there who listens to our music or who is interested in collaboration or needing a writer.