Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

I would like to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and holiday season. Thank you for your support through the year! 

My parents taught me two special things about Christmas that I would like to share with you.

The first thing is about magic. There's nothing wrong with a little magic, as long as you celebrate the true reason of Christmas. When my children were old enough to no longer believe in Santa, they were disappointed. But, my mother told them to think about that happy, excited feeling you get right before you look to see if Santa visited that year. That is Santa magic...not the gifts, not the commercialism. The magic is the hope of better things to come, new adventures and things perhaps never seen before. Thank you, Mama, for always making sure our holidays are magical.

The next thing I want to share is about light. My Daddy shared this with me years ago, and every year, just like magic, I have come to appreciate his truthful words more and more. We were going or coming back from the grocery store (I think) and it was dark out. We were going down a road we traveled often, and I noticed the Christmas lights. I muttered something about the commercialism and spectacle of some of the lights. I am really not fond of how Christmas is one big sales pitch. He asked me if I knew why the people hung so many lights. I was surprised by this question and said 'no.' He went on to explain that for centuries, December was the darkest time. Food supplies would be lower, less light, coldness... The reason to celebrate in the midst of this time is to light things up and encourage good spirits and love, in an otherwise dark time. What an epiphany! It has never really struck me as that way before. Of course, religious reasons are there, too, but there is no doubt that all of the things we celebrate are tied together in this idea and calendar. Thank you, Daddy, for teaching me to recognize the light.

We all celebrate a little differently, but may you all enjoy the season blessed with magical light!


Mourning Sky 

I wrote this after the 9/11 tragic act of terrorism happened. I am sharing it by request. Thank you. May we all continue to pray for one another as we still stumble through the horrors of that day.

Mourning Sky 

Won't you tell me why 
you took the light out of 
the morning sky 

So sad inside 
but I can't hide 
my soul has died 
after waking to mourning sky 

Crying blind 
trying to find 
a place in my mind 
without mourning sky 

Take away the tragedy and all that's left is demented hypocrisy 
leave alone my will to survive it's been a long time I've been alive 
mourning sky 

I fight the inner hate 
never thought it was too late 
that changed the day that fate 
broke the mourning sky 

Mourning sky 
mourning sky 

Clinging to hope  
that life remains 
mourning sky 
feels the pains 
sky tumbles forth 
and out of the blue 
hate grasps the life 
of me and you 
mourning sky

Ain't No Such Thing As A New Barn 

As I have been traveling, I have noticed so many barns in disrepair. Some still in use, but many more not. There's something that fascinates me about old barns. I can try to imagine simpler times, tough times... Every barn tells a story. I have also noticed no new barns. I am sure they are out there, but I have only seen prefab buildings, or the buildings with siding. So, I wrote this about it. Hope you enjoy it.

Ain't No Such Thing As A New Barn

Verse 1: 

On a Sunday drive to clear my mind 

But the ride was getting long 

All the roads I rambled blind 

So many sights from yesterday gone 

An ol barn on the county road 

Sunken in and falling down 

The weather’d done it all bowed 

And there wasn’t a farmer around 

I pulled over to the stall doors 

To take a look inside 

At what used to be so much more 

Now had lost most of it’s pride 

A fellow came wandering over to me 

He thought he knew what I was thinking 

He said we ordered us a new building 

This one is rotten and sinking 


There ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

No one wants to repair the past 

Sweat running from your face, down your arm 

As you nail one board to the last 

Ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

The wood came from some of those old trees 

You can spin up any kind of old yarn 

Buy any new building you please 

There ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

Verse 2: 

Now he thought about this and he looked down 

Said you’re onto something there 

I remember when the neighbors came around 

And we built this barn on a prayer 

You don’t see new barns, or neighbors 

Everybody’s got some place to be 

Nobody no more knows about the labor 

And how running a farm ought to be 

We stood there in quiet reflection 

Of all the times that come and gone 

And agreed the barn’s best attraction 

Was representing how it was hanging on 

I guess I saw a little of me in that barn 

I saw a little of you, too 

Though the years may have done their harm 

We still have made it on through

©Beth Sutton

It's Spring!  Podcast

It's been a long winter full of work, snow and writing! I have not updated too much, except for when we have has new music to share on The Knoxville Sound. Thanks for all of the support through the year. I am so glad it finally seems to be spring. Some new projects are in the works. Join our mailing list to stya informed of all of the exciting projects!


Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for a fabulous 2016! I can not wait to hear what lies in store for 2017. 
I wanted to let you know I have been traveling a bit. I have been sharing this site, Sutton Aquarius, along with The Knoxville Sound all over the United States. I have been sharing our Into the Blue project with police officers. I have been the humbled recipient of many hugs and tears. Charles Richardson and Sande Sue Riggs  - your hard work and music is appreciated all over the country.
I have also been sharing the news about the Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountain fires. People in every state have offered their prayers and kind words. I have had a few come up to me after they had time to listen to our song, and tell me how moved they were. No one has donated via this site, but I feel confident that people may have donated or became involved in other ways. Thanks to Gene Blair, Perry Bonck, Scott Neubert, Steve Holland, Sande Sue Riggs, David Hawkins and Heidi Monika Johnson for all of their hard work.
The Roadside Recordings section has been a popular place for truckers and travelers. Thanks to Gene Blair for all of his hard work on the songs there.
2017 is wide open and more music is on the horizon. To be a part of this site or The Knoxville Sound, just send me a message. At least one of us has a project going on or a charitable cause needing your participation at any given time. :)  
Thanks for all of your support! Let's rock 2017!

Merry Christmas 

The sun shines on 
This ol’ frosty ridge 
Cardinals hoping to find 
Seed on the lawn 
Just a smidge 
Tennessee on my mind... 

Chimney smoke fills 
The evening skies 
Blends into the Heavens 
Mountains grow still 
Until the sunrise 
As Christmas begins... 

I took a ride 
Away from there 
Oh how I wish to be 
It’s my prayer 
Christmas in Tennessee... 

It’s not a time of day 
Or hour at night 
It’s just a feeling 
It’s the way 
It’s the light 
Immersed in healing... 

The moonlight 
Casts a glow 
Across December’s freeze 
Glitters in the night 
On the new fallen snow 
Christmas in Tennessee... 

I took a ride
Away from there 
Oh how I wish to be 
It’s my prayer 
Christmas in Tennessee... 

©Beth Sutton

Down the Old Road 

Good morning...  I have a special announcement to make today. A few days ago I posted lyrics I wrote about the terrible fires in Gatlinburd and the Great Smoky Mountains. I have been blessed and humbled by the hundreds of shares and comments. Some wonderfully talented artists wanted to record the lyrics. So, we now have a page here with their hard work. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. It has been an emotional, yet, uplifting project. 

Please visit the page at:

Down the Old Road


Hello! We have some new music and updates! Sande Sue Riggs, a former law enforcement officer, has made a cover recording of Into the Blue. You can find it on the Into the Blue page. 
Several new songs are also in the works from Sande and others...still under wraps, but I am so excited to have all of these fine folks in my little world. 
I have been travelling on and off throughout the country sharing music and the artists involved in Sutton Aquarius and The Knoxville Sound.  Soon we will be heading out again. If you find one of our cards, let us know you stopped by. We appreciate all of your support!
Watch this space for more updates over the coming week! have a great  

Red Lights and Rain 

Heading to North Carolina and it is rainy in spots....so I thought I would share Red Lights and Rain. Jeff S Jones did such an amazing job on this one, and he made a video. I tried, but my video skills are lacking. Too blind to figure it out! 

Be Mine 

A dark love story for the evening...

Be Mine

He sat there on that mountain 
Underneath the coal black sky 
Holds her hand as she slips away 
He was too damn tired to cry 
The preacher said a few words 
And left before the sun did shine 
He didn’t need no time to mourn 
And he didn’t care about feeling fine 

He had loved her through it all 
Yet she had  roaming eyes 
He learned of her cheatin’ ways 
He learned of her lies 
But by then the sickness had stricken 
She was on the decline 
He waited by her bedside 
Till he could go back in that mine 

Forty years of dying underground 
To see a life for that doll’s eyes 
But sometimes a man just cannot win 
No matter how hard he tries 
The mine was dark as hell 
And as cool as her design 
And no one was around to see 
When he took her where the sun don’t shine 

She looked around with her last glance 
And she gestured to the skies
He told her he had always loved her 
But sometimes that love dies 
Neither would see the light of day 
Not a drop of morning sun shine 
He had one last dying wish 
To spend eternity in that mine

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Click on Popcorn to check out music honoring him and his way of life.

Click on Popcorn to check out music honoring him and his way of life.

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Celebrating Kent Bilbrey