Gene Blair is an award winning singer-songwriter, a gifted story teller and historian. These are links to some of his stories, in his words, "a journey through the little patches of southern ground on which my friends and I have walked" 

Quilts, Ticks & Line Dried Sheets

Tamale Man, Nazi Code & Freight Delivery

Memory Plow

  More coming soon! Thank you, Gene, for allowing me to share these here!

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We would like to share a Face Book group with you that shares many of Terry "Teep" Phillips' music. His fan page includes music from his collection as well as music of other regional musicians. 

Terry "Teep" Phillips Fan Page 

We want to announce something new coming to The Knoxville Sound. History!  If you have a story of the past, present or something you simply conjured on your own, we want to share them. Send them to us with a little about yourself and how you would like to be credited. We can't wait to share your words with the world! 

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